A colorful company
made even more colorful

When J. H. Lowenstein, a color lab in business since 1897 need to brighten up their brand, they turned to us. By blending the art and science of their color dye business, we ensured their business would show no sign of fading for years to come.

Where technological expertise, meets creative flair


For a company to be in business for over 120 years, they can’t have too many problems, right? True, but the biggest issue J.H. Lowenstein had is their branding and image. Being in business for that long, it was time for a jolt of color and energy to their brand.


Infuse science and color while energizing this century-old establishment. We created a digital brochure where customers could view the various compounds and molecules that are the backbone of the Lowenstein color lab. Using geometric color gradients and bold photography, we transformed their image and customer perception into one where not only have we been around a long time, but we are always looking ahead.

Working with Vitl Media on the assignment was an absolute delight. They are great with every member of our team and super professional and courteous. We received numerous complements on the brochure and work to date. Definitely recommend.

John F., JMK Consulting

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