Launching Compassion in a big way

Premium Starter Kit

Set up doctors with a complete kit that enables them to put Compassionate Finance to work immediately. Vitl Media designed and built the entire kit and created a custom box to house all the components.

Rebranding with Compassion


Compassionate Finance was first launched in 2013 as Comprehensive Finance, Inc and many professional clients couldn’t distinguish the difference, often thinking they were the same company. Vitl Media came on board in 2016 and provided valuable strategic and branding recommendations for how to best not only help the brands have their own voice, but ensure each continued and grew their presence in the market.


Develop a new color palette and logo for both Compassionate Finance and Comprehensive Finance that aligns with their core principles. The new tag line “We’re In It for Good” embodies the spirit of what makes Compassionate Finance different than other dental lending companies. Both for the patients and the doctors by ensuring everyone has access to quality care by making it affordable.

For Comprehensive Finance, the new icon resembles the strong foundation of the holding company with the triangle while reinforcing their poise for growth in the white shape angles towards the sky. The new tagline “Fintech for Healthcare” established CFI as a leader in the growing field of fintech but positions it as a leader in the healthcare specialty.

Launch ad for dental journal

Building the web presence. The cornerstone of the Compassionate initiative.

Websites today are much more than just a calling card, they are your greatest salesperson. We implemented lead generation strategies complete with customized landing pages, forms and marketing automation techniques to make sure this salesperson not only sells, but does so nearly automatically.

CFI website

Compassionate Finance Patient Site

Compassionate Finance Doctor Site

Ensuring our dentists get off to a great start with a comprehensive email series

Once we have a doctor signed up, that's actually when the real challenge begins. To avoid underuse and drop off from doctors and practices, we ensure the new practice is greeted with a warm Compassionate hello and let them know, what they need to do next. This series below takes the practice from the initial ``welcome`` email, to the training of the platform, to tips for success and a congrats on you first loan email. Together, they present the brand in a way that supports our We're In It for Good mantra.

Welcome to the Good Life

Dentsply Sirona World 2017 was the perfect venue to announce to the dental world that Compassionate Finance has indeed arrived. The booth theme of Welcome to the Good Life supported both the new mantra of the brand, but invited attendees into the space, alerting them that something new was going on.

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